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Musical Musings: Music Programs

Music at Saint Timothy's Church

selected by George Tobias, Organist / Choirmaster

It's always enjoyable (and educational) to look at just what music is being used in neighboring churches... or churches across the country. We can learn a great deal about liturgical programming, about seasonal appropriateness, and about what music is available ... some of which may be tucked away in our own libraries! Here's a season's worth of music planned for Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church in Roxborough PA, where George Tobias is Organist/Choirmaster.

Sundays after Pentecost (Fall 2002)

Pentecost 20 [27th Sunday in Ordinary Time]
  • Organ Voluntary -- Chorale and Prayer (Léon Boëllmann)
  • Mass Music -- Merbecke-Nicholas
  • Anthem -- O Love, How Deep (Everett Titcomb)
  • Motet -- Very Bread Good Shepherd Tend Us (Randolph Currie)
  • Organ Voluntary -- Exurgat Deus (Peter Hurford)

Pentecost 21
  • Organ Voluntary -- Koraal and Adagio (Flor Peeters)
  • Mass Music -- Merbecke-Nicholas
  • Anthem -- O sacrum convivium (Dan Locklair)
  • Motet -- O Sacred Feast (Healey Willan)
  • Organ Voluntary -- March (William Rowan)

Pentecost 22
  • Organ Voluntary -- Variations on Pange lingua (Alfred Fedak)
  • Mass Music -- Merbecke-Nicholas
  • Anthem -- Eternal Ruler (Peter Stearns)
  • Motet -- O Hear Us, Lord (Anthony Piccolo)
  • Organ Voluntary -- God of Grace and God of Glory (Paul Manz)

Pentecost 23
  • Organ Voluntary -- Prelude on Malabar (Leo Sowerby)
  • Mass Music -- Merbecke-Nicholas
  • Anthem -- Thou Shalt Love the Lord (Leo Sowerby)
  • Motet -- O Sweet and Sacred Feast (Michael McCabe)
  • Organ Voluntary -- Trumpet Tune (Michael McCabe)

All Saints Sunday
  • Organ Voluntary -- Prelude on Down Ampney (Herbert Sumison)
  • Gloria -- plainsong
  • Mass Music -- Missa angelica (Francis Burgess)
  • Anthem -- There Is a Blessed Home (Francis Burgess)
  • Motet -- Justorum animæ (Charles Villiers Stanford)
  • Organ Voluntary -- Deo Gracias (Healey Willan)

Pentecost 25
  • Organ Voluntary -- Adagio in E (Frank Bridge)
  • Mass Music -- Merbecke-Nicholas
  • Anthem -- Never Weather-beaten Sail (Charles Wood)
  • Motet -- Jesu, the Very Thought Is Sweet (Charles Wood)
  • Organ Voluntary -- Alle marcia (John Ireland)

Pentecost 26
  • Organ Voluntary -- Prelude on the Ave verum (W.A. Mozart)
  • Mass Music -- Merbecke-Nicholas
  • Anthem -- Lord, Let Me Know Mine End (Maurice Greene)
  • Motet -- Ave verum corpus (W.A. Mozart)
  • Organ Voluntary -- Prelude in C Major (J.S. Bach)

Christ the King
  • Organ Voluntary -- Prelude on Coronation (Tim Fields)
  • Mass Music -- Missa secunda (Hans Leo Hassler)
  • Anthem -- I Looked and Behold a White Cloud (Healey Willan)
  • Motet -- Christus Paradox (Alfred Fedak)
  • Organ Voluntary -- Trumpet Voluntary (William Rowan)

To be continued with other seasonal schedules...

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