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Ursula A. T.

U rsula Ramjit was educated in the UK (including a PhD in Mathematics). She held various research and teaching positions in London and in Zimbabwe and Uganda before moving to the US. While most of her time has been spent in the world of Math, she has developed a deep love of Catholic church music. She writes about her musical journey:

I started singing with the choir at Saint Mark Catholic Church in Utica NY in 2001. Humbled by my limited singing skills, bemused by my unfamiliarity with Amercian hymns (even though I grew up in the Roman Catholic Church), and unable to read music, I decided to gain some insight by teaching myself to play recorder — I understood that even Kindergarteners could do as much! As my abilities progressed and I moved on to playing flute, I got bold … I decided that if I learned to read music then I could learn to write music. And last year, in a departure from my self-teaching methodology, I commenced singing lessons.

As I moved around the United States looking for a place to call home, I inflicted my singing and compositions on various organists and congregations: the Shrine Church of Saint Anthony of Padua in Troy NY, Our Lady of the Presentation Church in Brooklyn NY, Trinity Episcopal Church in Claremont NH, and Saint Mary Catholic Church, also in Claremont. Thankfully, I have been met with kindness and encouragement wherever I have traveled.

I now consider myself a bona fide musician. I sing, play recorder and flute, and compose music. I am a cantor, and love to arrange music, and teach new pieces to the rest of the choir. Church music is my passion, particularly psalms and chants. I am currently studying Latin in a bid to improve both my singing and my composition, and I see no end to my continued growth or to my deep and abiding love for music.

We concur, and CanticaNOVA Publications is pleased to offer Ursula's music in our catalog:


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