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Some Unique Gift Ideas

Gary Penkala

Christmas Gift

With Christmas just around the corner, why not check out some great gift ideas from the CNP catalog. You can present your priests, deacons and fellow musicians with unique gifts in the field of church music — and we also have gifts for family and friends on your list. Click the title for more information on each item — you can also use our Shopping Cart and pay by credit card (via PayPal) or request an invoice. Shopping can be quick and easy this year!

For Clergy

  • CD-SET For bishops, priests and deacons:
    And With Your Spirit A guide to singing the new English translation of the Mass

    This 2-CD set is a guide and tutorial for priests, deacons and seminarians in how to sing the Mass according to the new English translation of the Missale Romanum – Third Edition (2010). The importance of music in the Mass is clearly emphasized in the new Missal both by its layout and the sheer quantity of music contained in it. It is hoped that this recording will prove to be an invaluable resource for all those wishing to learn to sing the Mass and also help the faithful appreciate the richness of the language of the new translation.

    Price: $24.95 [per 2 CD-set]
    Catalog: #9031

  • BOOK For priests and deacons:
    Book of Sung Gospels – Fourth Edition

    In 1996, CanticaNOVA Publications released its first product – the Book of Sung Gospels (BSG). We believed that a book of chanted Gospel settings was needed to assist those who wanted to add solemnity and grace to special liturgies through the ancient and beautiful tradition of chanting the Gospel during Mass. With hundreds of these books now sold, we believe that our assessment was correct and are very pleased that so many priests and deacons have found this book useful. At every large Vatican Mass the Gospel is chanted, and the American viewing audience has become quite familiar with this beautiful practice.

    The Fourth Edition of the BSG contains 42 Gospels from the revised Lectionary for Mass (1998-2002), with Introductory Dialogue from the Roman Missal – Third Edition. Each text is carefully set to a simple, yet beautiful chant tone, like the ones used at liturgies in Saint Peter's Basilica. The tone corresponds to the one suggested in the Roman Missal – Third Edition. Both music and text are presented in large type for ease-of-use during your liturgical celebrations.

    Price: $26.95
    Catalog: #3012-4

  • BOOK For priests and deacons:
    Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite, 2nd Edition (Bishop Peter J. Elliott)

    A complete ceremonial manual for the celebration of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. Faithful to the renewal of worship authorized by the Second Vatican Council, Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite combines precise guidance in these rites with a pastoral and spiritual approach. A high ideal of noble Catholic worship is consistently maintained, respecting the "continuity of our tradition." Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite is primarily a book to be used, not just read. It is a practical manual for liturgists, clergy, MCs, sacristans, liturgical committees and all who plan worship in parishes.

    Price: $26.95
    Catalog: #9130

  • BOOK For priests and deacons:
    Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year (Bishop Peter J. Elliott)

    A follow-up to the immensely popular liturgical handbook, Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite, this book by Bishop Peter J. Elliott is sure to be equally useful to those involved in dignified parish liturgies. The earlier book, now in its 2nd edition, deals with specifics for liturgies: the Mass and the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours). This newer book looks at the Liturgical Year and its pracitcalities in the parish. Bishop Elliott finds the appropriate balance between the theology of liturgy, presented in profoundly eloquent and inspiring language, and the practice of liturgy, which is discussed in pragmatic and detailed language.

    Price: $26.95
    Catalog: #9130

  • DVD For priests and deacons:
    Sancta Missa: Ordo Missæ Privatæ (1962 Missal)

    This DVD shows the Low Mass for Trinity Sunday in Latin according to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Missale Romanum 1962). Two versions of the Low Mass (Extraordinary Form) are provided, one from the perspective of the priest, the other from the perspective of the altar boy. The video also shows the sacristan setting up the vestments in the traditional manner, as well as the vesting of the priest with prayers from the 1962 Missale Romanum.

    Price: $25.00
    Catalog: #9230

  • DVD For priests and deacons:
    Sancta Missa: Missa Cantata (1962 Missal)

    This DVD shows the High Mass for Christmas in Latin according to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Missale Romanum 1962). The Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius have produced this DVD to aid those involved in the liturgy (priest, MC, servers, choir, organist) prepare for a sung High Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

    Price: $25.00
    Catalog: #9231

  • CD For priests and deacons:
    Orate fratres

    This CD is a guide and tutorial for priests, deacons and seminarians in how to sing the Mass in Latin according to the Ordinary Form (Missale romanum editio typica tertia 2002).

    Price: $21.95
    Catalog: #9012

For Fellow Church Musicians & Liturgists

  • BOOK
    O Come Emmanuel

    A musical tour of daily readings for Advent and Christmas (Gordon Giles) This is a handy spiritual book for the holidays. This handsome paperback of 165 pages contains a poem (drawn from familiar carols and seasonal music), a meditation and a prayer for each day from December 1 to January 6. The book is of particular interest to musicians, since the author uses carol texts and classic choral music of the season to spur one's meditation on the great gift of the Incarnation. The wonderful miracle is played out gradually from the beginnings of Advent through Twelfth Night (Epiphany) in 37 daily spiritual readings.

    Price: $15.95
    Catalog: #9120

  • CD-SET For anyone singing the Exsultet:
    And With Your Spirit

    A guide to singing the new English translation of the Mass This 2-CD set is a guide and tutorial for singing the Mass according to the new English translation of the Missale Romanum – Third Edition (2010). It includes all the dialogues for priest/deacon and congregation, as well as music for Holy Week, particularly the new translation of the Exsultet. This will be a great help to whomever is responsible for singing the Exsultet in April 2012!

    Price: $24.95 [per 2 CD-set]
    Catalog: #9031

  • BOOK
    A New Song for the Lord: Faith in Christ and Liturgy Today (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)

    Pope Benedict XVI understands liturgy, not only in a deep theological, ecclesiological and spiritual sense, but also as an amateur musician — he plays piano quite well, he has studied organ and he is a devotee of Mozart. With ten chapters on a variety of liturgical topics, A New Song for the Lord gives a clear overview of the pope's views on liturgy, in particular its relationhip to Christ, the Church, and to us.

    Price: $19.95
    Catalog: #9110

  • BOOK
    The Spirit of the Liturgy (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)

    This concise (232 pages) yet profound book on a topic very dear to Pope Benedict's heart, was written during his tenure as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Cardinal Ratzinger was always noted as a brilliant theologian, and his work on "the great prayer of the Church," written in 1999, is a treatise on what many call "the reform of the reform." It is evident that the exuberance of the decades after Vatican II have led the liturgy in a direction not necessarily in keeping with the intent of the documents or the council fathers who wrote them — witness the paucity of Latin and the fading of Gregorian chant at the end of the 20th century. Pope Benedict XVI understands the power of the liturgy to inspire awe and to engage the faithful in the transcendance of the Almighty. He speaks of all the aspects of liturgy (history, architecture, art, posture), not the least of which is music.

    Price: $17.95
    Catalog: #9111

  • BOOK
    Gregorian Chant: A Guide to the History and Liturgy (Dom Daniel Saulnier)

    A compact and scholarly book, Gregorian Chant offers a fascinating tour through chant's historical and musical origins, showing the role that chant plays in the history and liturgy of the Western church. Broad themes are discussed, such as the Divine Office and the Mass, as are detailed subjects such as psalmody, cantillation, modes, and pivotal chant manuscripts. Gregorian Chant tells the story of how this unique form of music and worship functions — and has the power to enhance and revitalize worship.

    Price: $19.95
    Catalog: #9105

    A Plain and Easy Introduction to Gregorian Chant (Dr. Susan Treacy)

    A clear, useful introduction to the art of singing Gregorian chant. This book offers both information and technique on the music that holds "pride of place" in Roman Rite liturgy. It is intended as a very basic introduction to Gregorian chant and its notation for Catholics who would like to be able to follow the call of Vatican Council II to "devout and active participation" and "to say or sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them [the faithful]." The pedagogical method employed is based on the method of chanting developed in the late nineteenth century by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint Peter of Solesmes, France. Specifically, most of the chant repertoire in this book is oriented toward actual liturgical use, and is intended to help Catholics to chant their parts at Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. In addition to ten chapters that deal with the basics of chant notation and the modal milieu in which chant occurs, the eight appendices are a treasury of reference material:

    Price: $18.95
    Catalog: #9100

For Others on Your List

  • BOOK
    Why Catholics Can't Sing (Dr. Thomas Day)

    Thomas Day understands the confusion of so many Catholics who long for a return to reverence in their worship. In Why Catholics Can't Sing, he presents his views on what ails music in the Catholic liturgy. A trained musician who has worked for both Catholic and Protestant congregations, he offers remarkable insights into the musical tastes and styles prevalent within these traditions. Day chronicles the many problems in sacred music in contemporary Catholicism with great energy and a delightful sense of humor. Any regular attendee of the Mass will recognize the blandness he targets and will be unsure whether to laugh or cry. Day pulls no punches when it comes to the overt silliness that has taken over many parishes.

    Price: $19.95
    Catalog: #9150

  • CD
    Carols at the Crèche

    The humble beginnings of our Lord's birth are recalled each year at the Solemn Mass of Christmas when the liturgical procession makes its way through the candle-lit Great Upper Church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Stopping at the crèche, the celebrant kneels in prayer and offers incense while the singing of the Choir resonates through the vastness of the Basilica. This tradition, familiar to those who worship here on the Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord, is captured in this recording from the National Shrine. Carols at the Crèche features the Choir of the Basilica under the direction of Dr. Peter Latona, Music Director. Also featured on the recording is harpist, Elizabeth Blakeslee. These compositions for choir and harp tell the Christmas story and echo the praises of our Savior's birth.

    Price: $16.95
    Catalog: #9027

  • CD
    Christmas Music from Saint John Cantius (The Saint Cecilia Choir, Daniel V. Robinson, Conductor)

    Saint John Cantius Church in Chicago offers frequent choral Masses sung in the context of the Latin liturgy. These range from large-scale Mass settings with orchestral accompaniment by composers such as Mozart and Schubert, to setting by Renaissance composers from Byrd to Victoria. Gregorian chant is sung by a schola cantorum every Sunday. The selections on Christmas Music were recorded at Saint John Cantius Church in Chicago by the Saint Cecilia Choir. This superb ensemble sings the varied and beautiful repertoire a cappella, in the resonant acoustics of the church.

    Price: $15.95
    Catalog: #9020

  • CD
    Regina Immaculata Maurice Duruflé: Messe cum jubilo, with the Gregorian Chant Propers for the Immaculate Conception, recorded at the Pontifical North American College (Rome) by the seminary choir, directed by Christopher Berry.

    The CD includes a 32-page booklet. There are essays on the seminary's history; fascinating chronicles on Duruflé's Mass and how this recording came to be; full text of all the Ordinary and Propers; dozens of recent and historic photos; and a full stop list of the seminary chapel's 66-rank 3-manual Mascioni Organ, Opus 630, built in 1953 and designed by Fernando Germani. There are six improvisations by Stephen Tharp, including verses improvised in alternatim on Gloriosa dicta sunt de te, mode VIII, with the choir, as well as Processional and Sortie. The chant accompaniments were written by Christopher Berry in the style of Duruflé. The bells of the seminary are even included!

    Price: $25.00
    Catalog: #9030

  • CD
    Exsulta! Music for the Feasts of the Church Year

    To mark Corpus Christi's centennial year, the Friends of Liturgical Music have issued a CD featuring the Choir of Corpus Christi Church, New York City, directed by Louise Basbas. This CD features chant and works by Anerio, Byrd, Guerrero, Hassler, Josquin, Lassus, Lotti, Palestrina, Sweelinck, and Victoria. The Choir of Corpus Christ Church is the resident performing ensemble of the Music before 1800 Concert Series. The group specializes in vocal music of the Renaissance and early Baroque eras and participates in Sunday and holyday services at Corpus Christi throughout the year.

    Price: $15.00
    Catalog: #9024

  • CD
    Their Sound Goes Forth (Cathedral Gallery Singers, Cathedral of Saint Joseph the Workman, La Crosse WI, Dr. Brian Luckner, director)

    The Cathedral Gallery Singers is comprised largely of talented volunteers; the musical backgrounds of its members vary widely. In 1994, as part of a tour of Italy, the choir sang in Rome at the Basilicas of Saint Peter and Saint John Lateran and at the Church of Saint Ignatius; in Assisi they sang at the Basilica of Saint Francis. In 1997 the choir went to Paris, and sang at Notre Dame Cathedral and at the Basilica of Saint Clothilde. Over an hour of choral music is included, from Renaissance motets to modern-day compositions by the director himself.

    Price: $15.00
    Catalog: #9025

  • You can always give a GIFT CERTIFICATE. Just click on the link and include your name and email in the form, along with the amount of the gift certificate. We'll send a PayPal invoice to your email address [all gift certificates must be purchased by credit card via PayPal]. When payment is made, we'll email a PDF Gift Certificate — just print it out to give the gift of quality music and products from the CNP Catalog!

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