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 Music Samples

PDF Samples

We have begun to add PDF samples for all new pieces, and will go back and add them for older pieces as we are able. Just look in the upper right hand corner of a product page for the PDF icon PDF logo, and click on it. This should open a sample of the piece. Each sample includes enough of the piece to give you a good idea of what the piece is like, but never the entire piece. We hope you find them helpful!

Audio Samples

For years, we have had customers and potential customers ask us to provide audio files of our products, so that they could listen to a piece before purchasing the music for it. Our response has always been that, although we believe that this is a good idea, we do not have the resources to make it happen. We still don't - at least not on a large scale. So we decided to take a different approach. Rather than creating professional audio samples on a large scale, we decided to create more simple files one at a time, as the resources were available. This allows us to provide a very limited selection of samples, with the collection growing slowly over time. Available samples are listed below.

What we are not providing

  • Professional quality files made in a professional studio.
  • Lots of files all at once.
  • Files that necessarily contain the entire piece.
  • Any promise as to when files for other products will be available.

What we are providing

  • Small numbers of files added as time and resources are available.
  • Files that, in some cases, contain a large enough portion of a piece to give the potential customer a sense of the work, rather than the entire piece.
  • For each file, information regarding the content of the file.

Available audio samples:

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